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I've watched many of my Christian friends get caught up in the "prosperity" message of the modern televangelists.  They wonder why they are not "rich" in worldly goods, why they are not living vibrant, healthy, abundant lives, and then blame God for their misfortune.

Certainly all good things come from God, and He blesses those whom He chooses.  But He does give us conditional promises in His Word.  IF we do as He says THEN He will respond accordingly.  Do we manipulate God by our actions?  Certainly not.  But He is faithful to His promises.

In Third John 2, John the Beloved speaks from his heart to the believer when he wishes upon each one prosperity and good health which goes hand in hand with a healthy and prospering spiritual condition of the soul of man.

Some stop short of the last phrase and exclaim "God wants me to be rich!" no matter what kind of work ethic they have or how poorly they manage their finances. Others expect perfect health as they vegetate on the couch munching on chips and dip, washing it down with their favorite sugar-water while they yell at the one-eyed monster 'cause their favorite team is losing.  They give little thought to their spiritual lives and to their relationship with this God who is watching and waiting for a heart-felt response to His love.

I believe what God is saying through Third John 2 is that we need to have a balanced life.  Yes, we need finances to make it in this world.  And without good health, living itself can be a challenge.  But John is saying that the KEY to the whole matter is our spiritual condition.  Our relationship with God made possible by His son, Jesus Christ, and lived out before men as we walk by His Holy Spirit...that personal relationship is the KEY to the door that opens to the abundant living that is promised in God's Word.   "Even as thy soul prospereth"...














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